1. Touching up exterior paint is a great commercial maintenance project for your building.

    5 Common Maintenance Projects for your Commercial Building’s Exterior

    Owning and managing a commercial building is an important responsibility. From upkeep to regular maintenance, caring for your building is no simple task. The best building managers maintain routine check-ups and inspections to make sure their buildings are safe inside and out. You may be wondering what the best kinds of regular maintenance are for your commercial building. The answer depends on th…Read More

  2. Four Steps to Planning your Commercial Painting Project

    Four Steps to Planning Your Commercial Painting Project

    It’s that time of year when building and business owners look to the few remaining Summer and early Fall months as a great time to get their building’s exterior ready for Fall and Winter in Houston. Updates to the exterior and interior of your building should be at the forefront of your mind if you are preparing your business for the colder weather. Knowing how to plan for a painting project c…Read More

  3. Why is a great time to have your building's interior painted

    Why This is the Perfect Time to Repaint the Interior of Your Building

    A quick google search for “When is the best time to schedule interior painting?” will most likely bring up a result that says that the best time for an interior paint job is sometime during the Fall or Winter. In any other year, the best time to paint the interior of your home or business would generally be during cooler months. That is mainly true because painters must utilize the warmer weat…Read More

  4. Your surroundings are an important thing to consider when choosing a color for your commercial building's exterior

    5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Colors for Your Building’s Exterior

    Many business and building owners struggle when choosing colors for the outside of their buildings. Color schemes and choices for commercial or business buildings are different than homes. You’re not just choosing for your family members and yourself, you are selecting colors that will affect many people as they go in and out of your building. The choice you make depends on what will meet the ne…Read More

  5. What's that stuff growing on my building?

    What’s That Stuff Growing on my Building?

    The rainy season is here again, and while many of us are embracing the warmer weather, we have to be careful of what happens during the rainy, warm time of year. Here in the greater Houston area, we have many different types of buildings that have been made with different types of materials. Despite the many differences from building to building, all building owners have one thing in common … th…Read More

  6. Interior-Painting-and-Dcor-Conroe-TX-Design-Ideas-for-A-Home-Office

    Interior Painting and Décor Conroe, TX: Design Ideas for A Home Office

    Interior Painting and Décor Conroe, TX: Design Ideas for A Home Office Considering the current situation across the world, working from home, either partially or fully, will become inevitable. With that said, if you’re setting up a temporary home office, we’ve got some ideas. But how do you make your office area both attractive and functional? To get there, here is a list of decor ideas for a…Read More

  7. Pressure washing tips for your building's exterior

    Pressure Washing Tips for Your Building’s Exterior

    With summer right around the corner and Houstonians eager to be out and about, some last-minute spring cleaning may be just what your business needs to welcome visitors, employees, and others. Pressure washing is a great way to maintain and clean your building(s) and knowing which surfaces can be pressure washed, along with understanding how the process works can help you decide the best timing fo…Read More

  8. Interior-Painting-How-to-Choose-the-Right-Color-for-Your-Room-5ee3acdb75c92

    Interior Painting The Woodlands, TX: How to Choose the Right Color for Your Room

    Interior Painting The Woodlands, TX: How to Choose the Right Color for Your Room With most outdoor activities minimized due to the ongoing situation, now might just be the best time to carry out indoor home improvement projects such as interior painting. If you came up with a fantastic idea to decorate your room, but you can't decide the colors, this guide will help you decide. Generally, choose a…Read More

  9. Exterior painting protects your commercial building or business.

    5 Reasons to Update Your Building’s Exterior

    We all know how hectic life can be as a business owner or a property manager. Simply keeping up with the day-to-day maintenance is enough to do, but protecting and maintaining the exterior of a building for the long-term presents a whole other level of challenges. All parts of your exterior need to be cared for, from the landscaping to the windows to the front-facing exterior. One thing many of th…Read More

  10. Dark Blue Paint Color for the Interior of an Office Building

    Residential Painting Conroe, TX: How to Paint Quickly and Efficiently

    Residential Painting Conroe, TX: How to Paint Quickly and Efficiently Are you planning for an exterior painting project in Conroe, TX? The best way to get high quality, flawless and consistent results are by hiring a professional painting contractor. If your painting the entire home exterior, understand that it’s a demanding job that requires effort and skill. However, if you still want to give …Read More