Touching up exterior paint is a great commercial maintenance project for your building.

Owning and managing a commercial building is an important responsibility. From upkeep to regular maintenance, caring for your building is no simple task. The best building managers maintain routine check-ups and inspections to make sure their buildings are safe inside and out.

You may be wondering what the best kinds of regular maintenance are for your commercial building. The answer depends on the building’s uses and your business’s industry. While the list is extensive, we’ve boiled it down to the most common exterior maintenance projects so you can stay on top of your commercial building’s maintenance and ensure the longevity of your building’s exterior.


Pressure Washing and Surface Cleaning

There are few things more satisfying than owning a sparkling, clean building, and that’s the condition your building will be in after a good pressure wash. Preventative care for the ongoing health of your building is one of the most common reasons building owners schedule regular pressure washings. The benefits include the prevention of grime and water build-up, as well as mold and mildew removal. All of these can cause deterioration to your building’s exterior.

Roof cleaning is an essential exterior maintenance project for your building.

Additional benefits derived from pressure washing include the removal of allergens that cause seasonal allergies. Pressure washing also helps prep your building for other important updates, such as painting. In Houston, scheduling a pressure wash either at the beginning of winter or during the spring is best for safeguarding and up-keep purposes. That said, your building may benefit from a regular pressure washing during other times of the year, depending on your building’s specific location, usage, and other characteristics.

Pressure washing isn’t just intended for the exterior walls of your building. Roofs, driveways, patio areas, and front walkways are all areas where moss and algae can grow as a from exposure to the intense humidity such as we have here in Houston. Thankfully, methods using regular pressure washing, air blasting, and other low-pressure surface cleaning equipment are readily available to clean grime away without harming the surfaces.



Touching up exterior paint is a great commercial maintenance project for your building.

When your professional contractor comes out to give you an estimate, you should have your building’s exterior inspected for imperfections. With any exterior walls, years of exposure to the elements may cause the paint and the underlying material to deteriorate.

By scheduling an inspection with your contractor, you may find some areas that need either maintenance, paint touch-ups, or both. Paint that is chipping or peeling, caught early, can prevent further damage. We recommend that these surfaces are scraped and repainted soon after discovery or issues like wood rot, mold, or deterioration can occur. A fresh coat of paint is the best line of defense when it comes to keeping your building protected from deteriorating.



Resurfacing is an exterior maintenance project you can have done for your building.

If an inspection is done and extensive damage is found, your contractor may recommend resurfacing areas that are showing signs of damage. These updates will be required to keep your building up to code and structurally safe for your clients and customers. From stucco to concrete, surfaces that have been worn down due to the elements will need these repairs done as soon as possible. These repairs are more expensive than touch-ups so staying on top of inspections is important for saving you time and money in the long run.


Roof Treatment

The roof of your building also needs regular maintenance. Your roof is equally susceptible to damage from the elements, wind, rain, cold, warmth, and the glaring sun, can all contribute to accelerated wear and tear, as well as the growth of mold and other harmful substances.

Flat roofs and asphalt shingle roofs are the most common roof types here in Houston. These types of roofs are vulnerable to moss and algae growth if left untreated. Regular cleaning by a professional with a special low pressure, high volume cleaning tool is best. This will ensure your building’s roof will last at least as long as it is intended to last.


Window Treatment

Window frames should regularly be inspected for wear and tear on their surfaces. Breaks in the caulk and imperfections in the paint or stain are the best indicators that there has been overexposure to weather and other elements. These signs also indicate that window repairs are necessary. Water damage is the most common effect of a break in the seal or a break in the paint around your window.

The best way to keep your windows looking and performing their best is by regular, scheduled cleanings. Maintenance on your windows includes cleaning, sanding, caulking, and repainting to prevent damage. Keeping up with these commercial maintenance projects allow you to avoid expensive repairs.


At Streamline Painting & More, we understand that keeping up with your building maintenance can be a drain on your time and energy. As professional contractors, we know what to look for during an inspection, and can help you protect your building from damage, as well as efficiently fix any damage that has been done. Contact our commercial painting professionals today to get started with your next commercial building maintenance project.