benefits of exterior painting

7 Benefits of painting your home’s exterior in the Woodlands, Texas.

It takes months or even years and a lot of resources to build your dream home depending on the architectural design you want. However, if you want to transform its look, you only need a few days. You can achieve your desired exterior beauty and increase the lifespan of your home with just a coat or two of a paint in your favorite color. If you’re considering painting your home’s exterior in the Woodlands, Texas.

1. Gives protection against harsh weather elements.

Texas can have extreme weather conditions sometimes, from heavy rains to the scorching sun and snow to winter storms. Exterior painting helps to resist the moisture from entering the walls and damage your house. Hence prolonging the lifespan and lessens maintenance cost in the long run.

During the harsh scorching sun, carefully selected paint colors can prevent heat radiations from getting to extreme temperatures in your home. In areas prone to molds and mildew due to high moisture, paint can reduce the incidences of mold growth. To ensure your home exterior lasts as long it should, always paint or stain your home exterior depending on what materials you have used.

2. Increasing the value of your home

If you are planning to sell your home, then it is important to make it as beautiful as you can to attract the buyers. The looks of a house are never complete without painting the interior and the exterior of the house, facades, eaves and staining the wooden doors. A touch of color enhances the aesthetic beauty of your home. It also gives a new vibe that can be relished, the same way we love new stuff. You can paint one or two different colors to break the monotony of the home (just make sure the colors are blending).

4. Better curb appeal

The aesthetic value of your house isn’t just for you; if you’re interested in selling your home, exterior paint can greatly increase your curb appeal. Curb appeal is all about setting the right tone when a prospective buyer sees your home for the first time. When the potential client come by for house seeing, the curb appeal sets an attitude that will prevail during the entire house viewing process.

4. Gives protection against pests and animals

Termites are the most harmful insects for wood-based homes. The earlier you identify this problem and treat it the better as it could easily destroy your wood. Addressing this issue proactively is important as you might not need a lot of resources to fix this problem. It is important to evaluate your home before adding a fresh coat of paint to determine how serious the infestation is. Adding a fresh coat of paint can reduce the amount of pest damage by stopping the infestation.

5. Prevents your home from rotting

Wooden siding that isn’t painted tends to suck in the moisture making the wood to swell and start rotting. When rotting becomes too severe, siding doesn’t just need new paint, it needs replacement. Replacing siding is much more expensive than repainting it.

In cemented homes which are not painted, water still gets absorbed into the cement making the cement lose and soft. This could often make the walls to be damp and start leaking some, especially during heavy rains. Maintaining a good coat of paint on your home’s exterior walls creates an impermeable layer that helps repel water.

6. Makes you sell your home faster

Everyone wants to buy a beautiful home which is well maintained. You can choose to hire a professional painter, which we highly recommend or if you have trust in your DIY skills, you can give it a try. A freshly painted house gives a great first impression on your potential buyers and increases the likelihood of fetching a high price

7. It makes you look responsible

Yeah, it really does. Homes usually reveal how responsible the owner is. A home that remains well maintained all year round generally shows that the owners are neat and responsible. Whereas a house that has a faded paint and molds growing from the floors shows that the owners don’t really pay attention to the looks and appeal of their property. And often they don’t pay attention to detail.

There’re many other benefits of painting a home other than just this 7, but for many homeowners, these are the most important. As usual, if you want to gain these and more benefits of exterior painting, we would be more than happy to help.