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8 Ways to Choose a Color For Your Interior Painting Project, in The Woodlands Texas


When faced with an interior painting job, most people find color selection to be quite confusing.

The seemingly daunting color selection task makes many homeowners envy painting contractors, interior decorators and others who appear to have a natural eye for color and all the combinations thereof.

Don’t give up yet!


In this article, we will try to break things down which will hopefully heighten the color sense that you never knew you had.

Do-overs can be quite, which is why you should choose your color right the first time.

Here are some color ideas to help you get started on brainstorming a color for your interior painting project:


  1.    Start with the colors that you love


The best way to choose a suitable color or color combination is by starting with the colors you love.

You don’t have to feel bound by traditional color schemes.

You can use your favorite color as the base color and create a color scheme around it.

The colors your love can be the best inspiration for your new color palette.


  1.    Match colors already in the room


If you’re painting a single room, look around and identify one of the dominant colors present.

It could be single color in multi-colored fabric, upholstery fabric, a series of paintings, an area rug, or anything else.

The idea is to choose a color the naturally blends well with the dominant color.


  1.    Begin with the larger rooms


Start with large rooms like the dining room, living room, den, etc…

You can then choose one color from the color schemes of this room and use it as a foundation for other adjoining rooms like the bathrooms, bedrooms or offices.

This color scheme gives a sense of continuity as you walk through the house.


  1.    Try a darker or lighter shade


In some cases, all you need a little adjustment to get the perfect interior paint color.

So before you completely abandon the current choice, consider a darker or lighter shade of the same color.

Many paint color guides appear on paint strips in gradual shades which you can choose from.


If you have a dark carpet or another type of dark flowing, you can use that color shade as your base and apply a medium shade of the color of the walls.

You can then paint the ceiling using a lighter color such as pale yellow, ivory yellow or cream white. This color scheme will make any room look great.


  1.    Find Paint Color Inspiration


Catalogs and magazines have always offered decoration inspirations.

You can now get thousands of pages of color inspirations on the internet.

Paint companies and retailing websites are always generous with color inspiration offerings you can adapt to your home.

Even the local paint store is more than willing to offer some resources including color strips, charts, and personal advice.

If you want to keep things a little more trendy, you can also check out Instagram and Pinterest for the latest trending schemes, shades, and tones.


  1.    Play around with Neutral Colors


It’s a general conception that neutral colors are laid back, but that doesn’t mean that you can get creative with them.

You can make your neutral color palette stand out injecting some creativity in how you use them.

A striped wall in neutral colors, for instance, add tons of style while still keeping your room looking relaxed.

A neutral wall color coupled with a pastel ceiling is a sneaky way of adding color without losing that soothing vibe in your interior.


  1.    Look Outside for Ideas


If the first six suggestions haven’t helped yet, think of bringing the outside in for some color scheme inspirations.

The exterior-inspired colors can be quite relaxing and restful.

You can choose to go with the laid-back blues of the beach or foliage green, just be sure to sample your favorite colors at all times of the day and night.

Also, try with window treatments open and closed to get the most realistic view of your potential choices.


  1.    Use a Color Consultant


If at this point you still haven’t been sufficiently inspired, you should probably book an appointment with a color consultant.

They can provide you with color ideas, samples to choose from or even custom-designed color schemes for your home.

Most paint contractors will be more than happy to offer color consultation for free.

All you need is to gather some inspirations and ideas and share with them so they can see what is on your mind.


Bottom line


Even with all these tips, some homeowners can still be unsure about how to bring their interiors into life with paint.

All you need is to simplify your project by choosing a few logically matched colors and will still achieve a finished paint job that good taste and a job well done.

If you’re hiring a painting contractor, feel free to request for some advice and tips on color.