School Building that is well maintained

Research shows that our surroundings can significantly impact our productivity. It is far easier to concentrate and be successful when we feel healthy and safe. There’s no better place to apply this principle than our childhood development and education centers.  

School Building that is well maintained
Photo by Marcel Gnauk

Properly maintained schools that prioritize both function and aesthetics foster pride and benefit teachers, students, staff, and visitors alike. Although schools and other non-profit organizations often struggle to find adequate funding for projects, updating interior and exterior paint can provide a cost-effective design solution. Read on for more details about how to utilize paint to improve the longevity of your building and the experience of all those who use it. 


Simply put, appearances make a difference. One of the most popular reasons to apply a new layer of paint is to enliven a building. Fresh surfaces create a professional and welcoming feel for all who enter. When you walk into a building that has cracked and peeling paint or visible water stains, it creates a bad first impression and can tarnish a school’s reputation.

Sunlit Classroom with green paint
Photo by: Michael Baie

Color Psychology

Psychologists have conducted interesting research on how color impacts our daily lives. Color psychology, “the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior,” examines how specific colors in certain settings will result in a predictable outcome. These findings can be applied to learning facilities and schools to encourage desired outcomes. 

Off-white walls are the mainstay of many schools; it is an affordable color option that happens to promote feelings of happiness and sincerity, while also improving concentration. If your school is interested in adding other colors to promote targeted engagement, check out our list below to see what best suits your needs.             

Red   Red inspires alertness, creativity, and excitement. This is a great color for play or art areas. 

Orange: Orange encourages warmth and excitement.

YellowYellow promotes positive feelings and also increases creativity and excitement. 

Green:  Green is a peaceful and calming color that gives the impression of health and good taste. This can be a great accent color in a dining hall or break room for teachers.

Blue:   Blue also fosters a calm environment. In addition, it can suppress appetite and lower temperatures. This can be effective for a nurse’s office or a nap area for preschool or kindergarten classrooms.

Purple: Purple is another color that is calming and peaceful. It can also give the impression of authority and power, which could be effective for a front office.

Brown: Brown is another common color in schools as it reduces fatigue and increases the feeling of safety.

Colorful Classroom
Photo by Atikah Akhtar


Safety is a top concern for schools, and quality paint increases sound environmental health. A good commercial coat of paint can help protect school infrastructure from water damage, bacteria, and other environmental forces. When you paint, be sure to choose premium paint, both to ensure a durable and lasting finish and to reduce paint emissions. For better health and safety, select a low-VOC or zero-VOC paint. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds—and is the source of the “new paint” smell—which can irritate those with asthma or sensitive lungs. 

Properly treated floors also increase safety by preventing slipping hazards; floor paint can also clearly mark pathways and other boundaries. Specialized surfaces such as cement walls and floors, or wooden gym floors will require specific treatments; especially for these areas, it is important to collaborate with an experienced commercial painter that is knowledgeable about a variety of finishes. Streamline Painting & More has the expertise and passion necessary to help you execute the perfect painting plan and promote safety in your school.


When should our school be painted? Painting an entire school can be a large undertaking, but it is a very attainable goal. Of course, summers are the most convenient time since schools are at their lowest capacity, but whether a school is in session or not, Streamline Painting & More is willing to work with you to meet your needs. 

Once you have an updated coat of paint, it is helpful to consider implementing a paint maintenance program. These programs can include pressure washing, painting touch-ups, and more to keep your maintenance schedule on track. Proactive upkeep is a key part of building care because it will extend the life of your painted surfaces. 

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If your school could benefit from increased productivity and safety, consider contacting Streamline Painting & More at 936-718-8354 or to schedule a free consultation and estimate. Our team of trusted craftsmen is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to help maintain schools in Houston, Spring, Conroe, and The Woodlands. We look forward to helping your students and teachers meet their goals!