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Does The Quality Of Your Exterior Paint In the Woodlands, Texas Really Matter?

Pointing out a good painter based on what they do doesn’t take an expert eye. Differences in quality of craftsmanship are pretty obvious between skilled exterior painters and average Joes in the Woodlands, Texas. An experienced hand creates a smooth, clean surface, with crisp lines and perfect edges that are easy to appreciate.

But does the quality of the paint has a hand in the final looks of your paint job? Yes, it does. Many homeowners miss this and opt for cheaper options. Of course, we do appreciate a good deal when it’s appropriate, but it’s important to always invest in a paint that won’t compromise the quality and durability of the final results.

Generally, when it comes to exterior paint, just like many other painting supplies, you get what you pay for. When you get at the paint store, you will notice a wide range of different options when it comes to exterior paint. The more options they have, the bigger the difference in price. The difference in price is not just a gimmick, there is a considerable difference between low cost, low-quality paint, and high-cost, high-quality paints.

For starters, high-quality paint will look thicker and fuller and cover a wider area than cheaper alternatives. This means your paint job will require lesser paint cans to be completed. Buying cheaper alternatives will have you paying less per gallon, but you will need more gallons to get your job done, and may end up saving no money on the paint at the end of the not so perfect paint job.

Additionally, exterior painting isn’t something you want to do every year. High quality, high-cost paints tend to last longer and increase the time between paintings thanks to the binders within the paint that increase its adherence to the walls. We feel more confident while assuring our customers about the durability of our exterior paint job because we know we’re providing quality products.

What Makes Higher-quality Paint Products Better?

Just like your favorite meal, the quality and blend of your paint boil down the ingredients. So let’s take quick a look at some of the main paint ingredients.

• Solvent – Liquid that ensures the binders and pigments stay in a suspended state. Also referred to as the carrier, it provides the desired consistency and makes it possible to apply the binder and the pigments to the surface.

• Binders – also knowns as resin, a film former or medium, this is what Comes together to create the paint film as the solvent evaporates. It consists of the sticky, viscous, natural or manmade substance use to give the coating flexibility, durability, and gloss.

• Pigment – These are granular solids that give the paint its color and opacity properties. Pigments are usually available as fine, solid dispersed granules in the solvent and binder.

• Additives – additives are the special paint components that give the paint additional characteristics such as waterproofing, texture, adhesiveness, odor etc.

High-quality paint provides better coverage with just a few coats on any surface. With high durability, such paints can withstand harsh exterior weather conditions like frost, sunlight, rain, and sleet, as well as wear and tear. High-quality paints are made with more and better ingredients than lower-quality paints, making them easier to apply, look better and last longer.

Good quality paints contain both the best pigments and binders in higher concentrations than cheaper alternatives. And it’s these solids that remain behind after the paint has dried. Low cost, low-quality paint provide coverage and hiding by using less pigment then extending it with fillers. These fillers may look good at first, but they quickly lose their color and hiding ability much faster –especially in harsh exterior conditions.

If you want your job done right using quality materials the first time, we would love the opportunity to serve you and take care of your exterior painting needs in the Woodlands, Texas. We only use high-quality paints including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and PPG. If you would like to receive a free estimate for your painting job, please call our office today.