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Expert Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors in The Woodlands, TX

For many homeowners in Woodlands, TX, spring and summer are the best times to spruce up their home with a fresh coat of paint.
Choosing the Perfect Exterior Paint Color in The Woodlands, TX

After improving the appearance of thousands of homes, we’ve found that homeowners who want to improve the curb appeal of their homes have one thing in common: they need a little help choosing their color palettes.

In this article, we’ve picked out the top ten tips from our specialists for choosing exterior paint colors for your home in The Woodlands, TX.

Have a look;

Take inspiration from the outside.

Unlike interior paint colors, exterior paint colors are best seen in daylight.

Pick your color and hold a sample in front of your home siding, away from the influence of your interior walls and floors.

It might seem obvious, but homeowners often choose their color palettes while sitting around their kitchen table… or in bed on Pinterest (don’t worry, we’re not judging).

The best thing to do is take several color swatches that look a lot like your initial choice so you can see what looks best on the outside and on your home.

Maybe the shade of a tree makes your chosen gray look a lot darker. We recommend that you take three samples per color:

Consider Your Front Door

There’s no denying that painting your front door is quite trendy, but there is a way to do it right.

Giving your front door a bright primary color like red, yellow, or blue can be attractive and playful.

The secret to a successful style is to balance the contrasting front door with a neutral and subtle upholstery color.

Harmony and order

Match your doors and windows with soffits, roof edging, and gutters to create a harmonious and well-balanced style.

You may see a house that does not conform to this rule but still looks great.

We’re quite willing to think outside the box and do things differently, but this advice is for homeowners who are reluctant to take risks and want a more traditional, classic style for their home.


If you want an easy way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, choose a palette that contains a contrasting exterior paint color to make accents, like doors, windows, and crown molding, stand out.

What could be better than dark accents to complement a light exterior siding? You don’t like black? Choose a gray or even dark green.

Stay in the same tones.

With such a huge selection of exterior paint colors, it can be difficult to create a palette that consists of three different colors.

So, go for either warm tones (beige, khaki, brown) or cool tones (gray, blue, black) when selecting your color palette.

Do not forget the fixed elements.

When choosing your colors, you should also think about what will NOT change, which means you should choose colors that coordinate well with the fixed elements of your home such as the roof, stone, or entrance, since these items are unlikely to change.

The exterior siding sets the tone for the decor.

The color you choose for your exterior siding (usually most of a home) will determine your overall color scheme.

If you’ve set your sights on a dark color for your siding, go for light accents. On the other hand, if you cannot do without a front door and black windows, choose a light color for your siding.

Look around you.

If you are unsure of a particular exterior color scheme, look around the neighborhood.

Chances are, someone else has painted their house using the same color palette you have in mind.

Ask yourself: what colors do you like? Which ones are to be avoided?

By taking inspiration from the houses in the surroundings, your project will appear more realistic, because you will have a concrete vision of your beautiful painted house.

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