Planning to sell your home in the Woodlands, Texas soon? Well, you’ve probably already been told that making some improvements and repairs on your house will help you sell it faster at a higher price. And also, that exterior repainting should be on the top of your to-do list.

Indeed, repainting the exterior of your home is an extremely effective and inexpensive way of adding value to your home when planning to sell it. It restores its glorious outward appearance and boosts the curb appeal –which is what forms the first impression when potential buyers come for a house showing.

That much is true, however, the impact your house creates after painting largely depends on the paint color used and the quality of the paint job. Some colors can actually hurt your selling price and how fast you sell your house. This is the reason most homeowners default to safe neutrals when planning to sell their homes. In this article, we want to share the top five pretty exterior paint colors that can actually scare buyers away. Here you go:

Tree Green
Choosing the colors that blend into the overall color themes of your neighborhood is a good idea when planning to sell your home. However, choosing colors that disappear into the surrounding vegetation is not a great idea. Generally, darker shades of green tend to recede into the front yard, making it more difficult for prospective buyers to notice and admire your house. If you really must have deep green somewhere, then consider incorporating them into porch accents.

Dark Blacks
If you’re looking to create a dramatic statement on your exterior, black can be an awesome bet. However, when selling your home, black can evoke more of a foreboding feeling than a welcoming one. Instead of a dark black shade, consider dark or medium grays coupled with white trim. Alternatively, for a classic look, add black in accents like the front door or shutters.

Dark Brown
Dark brown shades, like black, don’t resonate with most home buyers. Painting your entire exterior in brown creates an uninviting and forbidding look, which we’re trying to avoid. Instead of dark brown, try softer shades of tan and brown. To brighten and lighten up the look, couple that up with light accents and white trim to give your home a welcoming look.
Bright Yellow

For homeowners looking to create a happy and cheerful tone, yellow is a great pick. However, it’s important to note that bright yellow is quite unpopular, and wandering off into the sunflower or lemon tones of yellow will quickly make your exterior overpowering. If you’re really determined to stick with this color family, perhaps you should try the more toned-down shades like ocher or pale straw.

Overpowering Purple
Doesn’t purple just look pretty on your home’s exterior? Whether used on the exterior or interior, purple adds a sense of excitement and energy in any dull space –which is why it’s a popular color with creative artists. An entire home painted in overpowering purple will however give you a hard time selling it. If you don’t want to ditch purple entirely, you should probably lean towards more classical hues for your exterior. Soft and toned-down shades of purple such as iris or periwinkle could be a perfect alternative.

Bottom Line
As you can see, painting the exterior of your home with the wrong paint color can make it nearly impossible to sell your home at a high price. While these are not the only colors out there that you should avoid, they are the most popular wrong choices that most homeowners pick when selling their homes.

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