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Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home in the Woodlands, Texas

Just like the colors you choose for your interior, exterior home paint colors should be those that you really love seeing when you come back home every day. But if you’re planning to sell your house any time in the near future, you need to repaint it in colors that attract the broadest range of potential buyers.

While potential buyers will have lots of questions about maintenance over the years, the neighborhood and many other things, nothing compares to the first impression. Your curb appeal determines the attitude of the potential buyer during the entire house showing period. Adding just the right color to your exterior improves the curb appeal and overall look of your home to help you sell it faster.

Here are top exterior color suggestions that will make buyers love your house at first sight.

1. Off-White

This is a great ‘safe’ look that isn’t going to fall out of fashion any time soon. It’s a classic clean look that you can create by painting the wall off-white and adding some gray on the shutter and the trim to create a cool and welcoming undertone. For some highlight, you can add a blue or navy blue door to stand out from the grey and white. A cream-colored entryway can also create subtle contrast. This color combination is a sure way to grab your buyer’s attention at first sight.

2. Beige

Beige is another safe, light, neutral color that you can paint your home’s exterior with. This is probably the second most popular exterior color after white. It’s a nice conservative color that blends in well with landscaped or wooded areas. It takes some of the color attributes of the trim color. This can be perfectly combined with other earthy tons search as brown and deep red. You could do a deep red door to add a bit of color to the beige and brown for a warm welcoming appearance.

3. Gray

Gray shades are becoming more and more popular as a choice to homeowners who want to add urban, chic sophistication to their homes. When combined with trim and door-front furniture in light neutral shades, a dark gray accent creates a bold focal point. You can even sprinkle a bit of the dark grey to the right interior that has the right décor of bright, colorful accents.
Generally, you need to pair the right shade of grey with your home’s overall feel. If you’re selling a trendy urban home, for instance, you can use dark grey to accent exterior modern finishing. For a traditional home with conservative furnishings, you might be better off using light grey.

4. Yellow

Yellow evokes images of sunlight, and clear, summer days –it creates feelings of happiness. When used with darker accents, the color radiates warmth and a welcoming feeling. In order to attract a broader range of potential buyers, go with a pale shade of yellow. Toning it down and lighting up a little results in an attractive, cheerful hue.

5. Light Blue

Pretty much any lighter shade of blue evokes a strong soothing effect in many people. The color brings to mind images of clear, still days or the vast, meditative expanse of sky over the seashore. Blue exterior walls reflect a lot of natural light that can take visitors back to a favorite beach or ski trip, and this pleasant experience can affect their impression of the entire home. Fresh color combinations like this light blue and deep aqua can enhance architectural elements of your exterior too.

6. Wheat

Unless you’re an interior designer or a painter, chances are you’re thinking about some type of serial right now. But we promise you that wheat is actually a color. Not quite white and almost yellow, this buttery in-between feels both warm and clean. Wheat matches beautifully with both dark browns and gray-blues for accents, and will positively glow next to the green of a well-kept lawn. So if you feel like getting a little unconventional, then you should give wheat a chance.

There’re obviously hundreds of other colors out there that will go well with your exterior, but if you’re planning to sell your home any time soon, we recommend that you try out our top choices above. If you need any help making these colors become live on your home’s exterior, reach out to us and we will be happy to help.