Are you planning to build or decorate your house and wondering about the type of paint you can purchase? Well, here are some reasons why you should go for high-quality paint instead of buying cheap paint.

Quality Paints Cover Better
Expensive and quality paints bring out the original color of the building using fewer coats as compared to the cheap paints because of its solid content. High-quality paint consists of three main ingredients; pigments made from titanium oxide, the binder, and the solvent which can be in the form of Alkyd or water. After applying the paint, the solvent evaporates, leaving the binder and the pigment which bind to form the paint film. You can use expensive high-cost paints to cover any old paint color and stains more effectively than the cheaper options.

High-quality Paints are Durable and Resistant to Fading
Expensive paint lasts longer as compared to low-quality paints which are less durable and fade away easily. Top quality paints don’t fade away easily since they have Ultra Violet light protection in their formulation. I am sure you will appreciate paint that you will apply once without the need of touch-ups, a few months down the line. Low-quality paints always fade when exposed to excessive sunlight, and you will have to repaint sooner than you expected.

High-quality Paint is More User-friendly
High-quality paint is generally easier to work with –it’s not too sticky and doesn’t splatter either. A high-quality paint will give even a novice painter an ideal finished project with ease. Many high-quality paints also have low to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which releases minimal odor and keeps it safe to work with. Therefore, low VOC paints give you the ability to move back into your space without delay. This is especially important if your house has children and pets.

Quality Paints Save Time and Money
Cheap paints require more time during painting since you will need more paint coats to achieve a desirable finish. Also, during painting, you often have to wait for the previous coat to dry before adding another one –unfortunately, some low-quality paints take ages to dry, and this means more time on the project.

Easier to Clean the Walls
High-quality paints are easier to apply and wash without frustrations. The walls painted using expensive paints are easier to wash and are stain resistant to some extent. You can simply wipe the wall using a damp cloth to clean minor stains and smudges. Walls painted using low-quality paints are always hard to wash since they coagulate and poorly spread on the wall.

Better Customer Service.
High-quality paints are manufactured mainly from companies that offer the best customer services. If you have a specific project, you can give the details to an associate, and they will guide you to the appropriate options. Some can even offer you free color consultation. This can help prevent any issues down the road. An experienced helping hand will make sure you don’t waste your money on the wrong product or an unnecessary step.

Bottom Line
As you can see, buying high-quality paints right from the beginning is the best option when planning for a painting project. With the cheaper options, you might think that you’re saving, however, a few months down the line, your paint will start peeling, fading and flaking.
High-quality paint goes well with professional painting services. If you need professional assistance painting the exterior of your home, Streamline Painting & More can help. We use only high-quality painting products from reputable manufacturers for guaranteed durability and quality of the final paint job. Book a free estimate below or call us if you have any question.