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How to Paint Exterior Trim like a Pro in the Woodlands, Texas

Painting exteriors is not a hard task as many people would think. However, complicated homes like three story home with multiple color codes will give you a hard time to paint the exterior. This could call for hiring services from a painting expert or contractors to do the job for you. If you are looking forward to doing the task yourself, here are the easiest ways possible to make your trim paint job look attractive.

Purchase Quality Painting Tools

Buying quality tools for use during the painting process will guarantee quality outcome as well as the good appearance on the painted surfaces. Long-bristled brushes for painting large surfaces, and bend brushes for painting angled surfaces will not only give better results but also guarantee a perfect job. Purchase several categories of rollers that are suitable for all painting tasks starting with the heavy duty ones all the way to the light duty ones. These tools will give you an easy time to perform your painting job effectively.

Select the Most Appropriate Colors

When selecting the exterior paint colors, use the exterior color brochure to make the right color choice for your home. These brochures have normal standardized colors that won’t make your home look unprofessional with poor finishes.

Chose from the Best Color Brand

Choose the top of the line brand of paints and primers for better quality results. It doesn’t add any value doing the work professionally and wasting time and labor on cheaper paints that are not attractive and durable. Ensure that the paint job will last as well as look as attractive as possible by using reputable brands.

Use Exterior Latex Paint and not Solvent Paint

Latex paint not only breathes but is also more flexible and won’t fade easily even when exposed to direct sunshine. Similarly, oil-based paints cannot breathe; it cracks easily and disintegrates as moisture evaporates from the wall.

Thorough Wash Your House before Painting

Thoroughly wash your house one side at a time to ensure that it is free from dirt and dust. To do it effectively, use a car wash brush, soap, and hose pipe. Ensure that you clean only the side that you are going to paint next. Leaving the washed side to stay longer will attract dirt and debris before you apply the paint hence the need to wash as you go –but still, allow everything to completely dry before painting.

Paint and Trim Out the Windows First

Painting and trimming out your windows first will give you an easy task to work on the other surfaces without interfering with the windowpane. The second step is to do the siding as you paint downwards. You can paint the exterior doors and trim them as you move along with your home improvement task.

Use a Speed Rollers Hand in Hand with Paintbrushes

With careful consideration, the use of speed rollers hand in hand with a paintbrush on the siding is a key ingredient in saving on the paint. Using brush alone to paint your siding is costly as it consumes more paint. Utilizing mini rollers can save a lot on the paint. These rollers are durable, cover very little, are long-lasting and spreads the paint faster than brushes. You just swipe the unreachable areas with roller and the job is done.

Use Hot Air Shooter to Get Rid Of the Paint

In case you are having problems with the exterior paint due to aging and cracks, you should remove it using a hot air shooter that is designed exclusively for removing oil-based paint. Only remove the loose parts and repaint it with fresh paint. Doing otherwise can cause serious destruction or distortion to your painting task. You can always revisit and remove more oil-based paint that is in poor condition as it begins to disintegrate and fall off with time.

Generally, you should always work from the top to the bottom of the house as you paint. First, apply paint to the large surfaces followed by the smaller and hidden areas. When painting two or more coats, always allow the previous coat to dry before applying the second one.