Do you ever find yourself wondering into the paint section of the hardware store…drawn in by all the bright colors and lights? While it’s fun to look around unintentionally; if you are there on a mission, it can quickly become overwhelming. We want to ease the burden of sifting through thousands of paint strips and really help you focus on what you need, and how to achieve the look you want efficiently. We all know, Saturday mornings are for PRODUCTION and not PREPPING!1a

1. START SMALL, it is a good idea to start with a small hallway, accent wall, or guest bath to test your paint choices. This way you aren’t committing to a large space, if the color choice isn’t what you expected. Keep in mind, your color choice on the sample strip vs wet paint vs dry paint all vary slightly.
2. LIGHTING use the light boxes at the hardware store! So many people skip this step and are stunned when the lights hit their newly painted room. There are 3 types of lighting:
NATURAL daylight will show the truest color; think windows/doors
INCANDESCENT lighting brings out the warm tones in color; think table/floor lamps
FLORESCENT lighting brings out the cooler bluer tones in color; think overhead (kitchen)

3. MOOD, think about what and where in your home you are painting.

Is it a bedroom? Do you want softer tones and colors to represent tranquility? Think Neutrals, Greys, Blues

4Is it a dinning space? Do you want bold and sociable or softer and formal? Think warmer contrasting colors for a bold look. Think neutrals for a formal atmosphere

5Is it a Kids room? Do you want a playful, creative, inviting space? Think of colors than can transition from child to teen to young adult

*Although some bright/bold colors are ok, some hues lead towards irritability.