commercial painting

Repainting your business in the Woodlands, Texas, can be a tough assignment to even the seasoned Woodlands, TX commercial painters. This is because, unlike residential painting, there is a lot that goes into painting a business premise that is in operation.

As a business owner, you have to figure out how the painting crew and their activities will temporarily co-exist with your employees and customers without causing too many inconveniences. And that needs proper planning and preparation. You will also need to vet and hire the best commercial painting contractor, choose the right paint colors and sheens, and create a budget and time for the entire project.

If you’re planning to repaint your business in Woodlands, TX, here are some preparation tips to help you make the project efficient, seamless, and potentially save some money while at it.

Tip #1: Create a List.
The most logical first step would be to create a list showing an overview of the project scope. This should include the areas that need to be painted, things that need to be repaired, projected timelines and provisional budget for the items. If you have any remarks or don’ts, you can also list them here.

Tip #2: Make Repairs in Advance
Most commercial painting contractors usually offer light repairs on areas that have missing caulk, siding planks or broken window panels. However, if you have any areas of paint that have been damaged and will require more than regular scrapping, hand sanding, and cleaning, be sure to address them before the painter comes in.

For instance, some painters will require that you repair rotted wood, damaged drywall, decorative fascia boards, and any extensive structural damages before they can come in to paint. Hiring third-party contractors may be necessary in such a case. Other painting contractors can handle some of the small carpentry jobs like replacing rotted wood and drywall repair, and they might be even cheaper.

Tip #3: Choose Your Colors
Chances are you already have business colors in mind that you want the paint job to reflect. If yours is an existing business, the easiest option is to repaint it with existing paint colors, this way, it will be cheaper and less thinking on your side. If you don’t have a specific color pellet yet, many commercial painting contractors in the Woodlands, TX would be more than happy to guide you on the best colors to use based on your logo and brand colors. And many times, it will be free, so take advantage of this.

Tip #4: Notify Your Employees (And Neighbors)
If your business painting project includes interior painting, notify your employees in advance. This will give them time to rearrange their schedule and complete any urgent tasks in good time, minimizing possible inconveniences. If you’re planning to have your exterior painting, notify your neighbors who might want to take precautions to prevent dust from infiltrating into their spaces.

Tip #5: Prepare Your Interior/Exterior for the Paint Job
Considering you will be paying your painter an hourly rate for the labor, it will save you a few dollars to do a few things on your own before the painter arrives. Having a well-prepared surrounding will speed up the painting process. Some of the things that could be done in advance include trimming back landscaping, moving equipment, machines, and any items away from the walls, checking exterior power and water outlets and designating an area where painters can leave their materials and tools.
If interior painting is involved, consider moving things like furniture and equipment away from the walls –although many painters will usually remove them first. Any fragile and valuable items such as pictures, trophies, glassware, and electronic devices should be moved and secured in advance to avoid damage.

Once you’ve carried out the above steps, your business is more or less ready for a professional paint job –go ahead and request for a written estimate from your painter of choice. If you haven’t gotten one yet, Streamline Painting & More would be glad to help. Give us a call 936-718-8354 today so we can discuss your project.