The sun is finally starting to make an appearance and you find yourself longing to be outside. That means Spring is around the corner and the exterior of your home and outdoor living spaces are about to jump back into action with warm days and cool nights. We, Your Top Rated Local® painting contractors have some useful tips to help you focus on the main areas of your home to get them ready for warmer months.1234

1. WASH, RINSE, and REPEAT, a great way to quickly and inexpensively spruce up the exterior of your home is to power wash it! You would be amazed at just how much dirt has accumulated over the last 6-12months on both the siding of your home, your roof, as well as your patio/driveway. INSTANT FIX.


2. REPLACE THE ROT, after washing, and before considering house painters, take a minute to examine your exterior siding that may be vulnerable to standing water, leaking/non gutters, or covered by low laying foliage. You may have siding that needs replacing. There is no other quick fix, but to actually replace the boards themselves. This will pay off in the long run and protect you from a larger problem down the road.


3. FRESH COAT OF PAINT, nothing freshens up a piece of old furniture, and interior wall, or the exterior of your home like a fresh coat of paint will. exterior painting will not only add to the curb appeal, but it will also help protect your siding for another 24-36months of changing seasons.