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How To Use Light and Dark Paint Colors To Make Small rooms Look Bigger, in The Woodlands TX


Choosing a paint can be an overwhelming task, especially for a small room.

Small spaces can be claustrophobic and confining, but with color play and careful control of elements, paint can play a major role in making small spaces look bigger and feel more comfortable.


While it’s true that icy blue and white colors can effectively make a wall appear further away, that’s not the only option.

Dark paints can play the trick too if used properly.

To understand this, think about a shadow and how it naturally gives depth to a scene. Try to paint a picture using all light colors and the scene looks flat.


Light is a tricky element, it highlights and draws our focus.

Darkness generally deepens the space and creates dimension, but of course, your dark colors don’t have to be as black as a shadow.

So as you observe how shadows create dimension and depth, and how light plays off objects in nature, you can borrow this trick.

How To Use Light and Dark Paint Colors To Make Small rooms Look Bigger, in The Woodlands TX

Choose Your New Color Scheme:


Before painting your room, you will need to choose the new color.

The best approach is to choose 3 colors in darker and lighter shades that go well together.

First, find the color that you like, then choose a second color that is two shades darker and a third one that is two shades lighter.


You can either choose lighter versions of a similar color or choose three complementary colors if you want some variety.

You will essentially use different shades of paint color to create the illusion of depth and dimension.

This will draw some walls or parts forward and some backward.


Paint one wall dark and the rest lighter


Dark colors can actually make small spaces look larger, but not without a few tricks here and there.

Instead of painting the entire room in a dark color, just paint one wall in a dark color and the rest of the walls in lighter colors.


Dark colors often appear to be receding from the viewer, so the accent wall will visually enlarge the space and set a nice contrast that will make the rest of the space brighter, comparatively.

This approach can also create a natural focal point.


Strip it out


Using strips is another cool trick that can make your small room look more spacious.

Some rooms are wider and others taller, oftentimes we don’t have it all and we are left with either tall rooms that feel cluttered or wide rooms that feel cramped.

If you have a shorter ceiling and want to make it seem a little taller, paint vertical stripes on one of the walls.


The vertical strips will guide the eye of the viewer up and around, making the room feel large than it really is.

When using this technique, stick to the same color palette as the rest of the room to avoid too much contrast.

You can simply make one shade darker or lighter than the other.


If you have a room, (typically bathrooms) with a really tall ceiling, the same principle can apply.

Such rooms appear to have very little space around. By painting horizontal stripes –which are very common by the way – you are guiding the eye around the bathroom, giving it a larger appearance


Use The Middle Shade for the Majority Of The room


Use the second color you chose throughout the majority of the room.

This middle shade will create the main color of your room and hold everything together.


Use Light Colors on Windows, Doors, and Molding


Light colors are not restricted to the ceilings and walls alone.

There many elements and fixtures you can paint or augment.

This includes the windows, doors, and moldings for the case of bathrooms.

Paint your wall trim, window covers and moldings in a lighter color than your walls. When you paint your moldings light, the wall appears further back, making your small room appear bigger.


Remember, you don’t have to stick to cream or white.

As you choose your wallpaper or decorations for your room, choose color options that pick up tiny bits of all three colors of paint to create a cohesive look.