Interior Painting Woodlands, TX_ Where and How to Use Petrol Blue

Interior Painting Woodlands, TX: Where and How to Use Petrol Blue

Petrol blue is a very trendy color. It has the great advantage of fitting in all rooms thanks to its elegant, warm, and soft shades that bring character to your decoration.
It’s chic and cozy, and this flagship color of the 50s is making a remarkable comeback.

So where should you use petrol blue, and what other color combinations should you add? Let’s have a look;

Petrol blue: where and how to use it in the house?

Petrol blue is a trendy color found in any house, both on walls and floors and furniture and accessories.

The living room
Painting or lining a wall in petroleum blue in your living room is an excellent way to give it relief and character while giving it a warm softness.
You can opt for a sofa or armchairs in this color for more discreet touches, which will invite relaxation and well-being.
You can also choose petroleum blue to decorate the room by adding cushions, throw pillows, or rugs in this color.

To bring both light and character to the bedroom, you can paint or wallpaper the wall that borders your headboard in petrol blue.
The result will be very welcoming and cozy because this color is not cold.
You can combine it with natural colors such as wood (parquet or bed) or wicker, straw, or seagrass because it will highlight them.

The bathroom
Blue is quite popular in the bathroom, mainly because this water feature is often marine or evocative of the sea decor.
Petrol blue is an excellent way to decorate it without overdoing it.
I prefer to use it to paint a wall rather than on your furniture; it will highlight the room without risking darkening it.

The kitchen and the living room

Industrial fashion has been all the rage for some time and is inviting itself into our living rooms, such as the kitchen and the living room.
Petrol blue is a good choice to enhance this style while standing out against the black. Being dark, it fits perfectly into the decor, but its brighter color and its natural warmth allow it to harmonize ideally with metal and wood.
If you prefer to use it in touches that are lighter than a section of the wall, opt for a beautiful backsplash with petrol blue shades.

The hallway
The corridors are often passage spaces considered as a lost place and forgotten in terms of decoration.
It is rare for them to be brought forward and valued. Paint one or more walls in petroleum blue to give relief to this yet frequented place, and you will enjoy walking through it again thanks to the character and elegance of this color.

Possible Color Combinations with Petrol Blue

Petrol blue can be combined with a wide range of colors. It all depends on the desired atmosphere.

Combinations of Petroleum Blue For A Soft and Warm Atmosphere

For a soft and warm, welcoming, enveloping, and cozy atmosphere, combine petrol blue with soft and neutral tones:

• Light gray will create a harmonious unity.
• Light brown will highlight petrol blue.
• Pale yellow will give a brighter atmosphere to the room.
• Pastel blue will bring softness.

Combinations of Petroleum Blue for an Original and Elegant Atmosphere

If you want to create an original and elegant atmosphere, here are the colors you need to associate with petrol blue:
• Coral for a sweet and exotic atmosphere.
• Purple for an intense alliance.
• Powder pink for an elegant retro effect.

Combinations of Petroleum Blue for a Chic and Refined Atmosphere

If you are a fan of chic and want to give your interior a refined and luxurious atmosphere, here are the colors to associate with petrol blue:
• Gold for a luxurious and chic alliance.
• Black for a classy and timeless effect.
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