A nice new paint job can brighten or open up an interior room and transform the exterior appearance of a home. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, paint also serves as a protective shield on the interior and exterior surfaces of your home, so it’s important to keep it properly maintained in order to keep your home strong and beautiful for years to come. Consider the tips below for properly maintaining your interior and exterior paint. Is your paint beyond help? Don’t worry! The painting contractors at Streamline Painting & More can tackle your home painting project be it a small bathroom, the whole first floor, or the entire exterior of your home. Contact us today.

Three Tips For Maintaining Interior & Exterior Paint

Combat Mold & Mildew

For serious mold and mildew issues, you should contact mold removal professionals. That being said, small mold spots can be dealt with fairly easily. When treating mold, it’s important to remember that soap and water won’t cut it. To prevent regrowth, it’s best that mold and mildew be taken care of with bleach or ammonia solutions. If you notice a severe mold issue on the interior of your home, you may have a roof leak and should contact the relevant professionals. On the exterior of your home, keep a close eye on shaded areas that may not be drying out as well as other areas.

Check For Rot

If you have wooden siding, rot is a serious concern, but keeping proper paint on your home’s exterior is a great place to start in keeping your wooden siding solid. If you’re not sure if your paint is holding up to the task or if the application was done properly or not, be sure check your home’s corners. The undersides of corner boards can often be missed by DIY painters, allowing moisture to get into the wood and causing rot. Avoid this problem altogether by keeping an eye out for warning signs that your wooden siding needs to be repainted.

cleaning-rag-and-spraySpot Clean Carefully

Cleaning paint can be tricky, especially if you use the wrong product. You don’t want to strip the paint off of the wall, but you also don’t want the stain to be noticeable when you’re done. The best thing you can do for your paint is to clean spots and stains as quickly as possible before they set into the paint. Use warm water and non-abrasive cleaners on paint only. Always do a test spot before you scrub at your walls and destroy the paint. Remember, moisture is not a friend to paint, so use damp (not wet) sponges or rags only.

Keep the above tips in mind to keep your interior and exterior paint solid and beautiful for years to come, and when it comes time to repaint give us a call. The professional painting contractors at Streamline Painting & More can tackle any home painting project you may have. Have questions for us? You can get in touch with us today by calling or contacting us online.