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Read This before Painting Over Your Vinyl Siding in the Woodlands, Texas.

Vinyl siding requires very minimal maintenance –it generally doesn’t need painting. The vinyl material comes with a color mix that is more or less permanent. However, over time, the color on your exterior home in the Woodlands, Texas can fade, and this happens often unevenly on different areas as a result of deferent rates of sun exposure.

And even if it wasn’t fading, you might not be thrilled about the color of your exterior siding if you were not the one who picked it in the first place. Thankfully, you can actually paint over your siding and renew its glory in your favorite color. However, before you repaint your siding, there’re some limitations and rules to keep in mind.

1. Check Your Warranty

If your siding warranty is still valid, it’s important to confirm that painting over the siding doesn’t void it. Even if the warranty allows painting, you should still check if there’re any limitations such as the type of paint or paint color to use. It’s safer to hire a professional painting contractor to do the painting in order to minimize the chances of errors or wrong choices.

2. Preparation

Before painting your siding, you need to clean any dirt, debris, grease, mold or mildew from the surface. You can wash the siding either by hand scrubbing or power washing. Use soap and water to wash off the dirt and debris –professionals use a specially designed cleaning agent. If some areas have mold or mildew, you can use oxygen bleach cleaner.

If you’re an armature, you should probably stick to using hand-scrubbing rather than pressure washing. Without the proper technique, water can easily get behind the siding and cause rot and mold on your wall sheathing and other materials. Whichever type of cleaner you use, be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and allow the surface to dry before priming/painting.

3. Priming

When it comes to priming the siding, different painting experts approach it differently. Some pros prime in almost every case, while others only prime when the siding condition calls for it. For instance, a primer is highly recommended if your siding shows severe weathering or signs of deterioration.

The best option is to follow the recommendations of your paint manufacturer. To ensure that the paint adheres perfectly to your siding surface and lasts longer, you should always use a primer, even if your siding is still relatively new. Additionally, check to see that the primer you’re using is compatible with the paint that you will use.

4. Take note of Thermal Expansion

Vinyl siding is designed to be installed so that it slides back and forth slightly at its overlapping seams –this allows it to move with the contraction and expansion of the material. So when the siding contracts during cold weather, don’t be alarmed when you notice a slight color gap at the seams of the siding.

5. Choosing paint type and color.

Paint manufacturers nowadays are formulating paints specifically for vinyl siding, and they usually come in colors that won’t absorb too much heat. Painting using ordinary paints won’t offer the durability you expect from a vinyl siding. Most vinyl paints combine acrylic and urethane resins which offer excellent adhesion and flexibility.

When it comes to paint colors, there’re some limitations. Different types of vinyl siding materials are designed to withstand a specific amount of heat absorption. Since darker colors absorb more heat, try not to choose a color darker than the original color of the siding. A darker color may absorb more heat than your siding was designed to handle, and this can lead to buckling or warping.

6. Painting vinyl siding

Thankfully, there is no special painting technique or equipment required to paint a vinyl siding. You can use the paint brush and/or a roller just like a regular exterior painting. But some pros tend to use spray equipment for a much faster and even application. If you’re using a roller, follow your application with a brush to make sure that there is full coverage and heavy areas, as well as drips, are removed.

In case you’re in need of professional exterior painting services in the Woodlands, Texas area, we can help. Give us a call today and will be more than happy to show up for a free estimate.