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Living in the Houston area has almost too many perks to count. From the great food to the beautiful bayou to the coveted Underground, our city has some pretty incredible features that make it unique.

Our favorite part of living and working in the Houston area is the great weather and how seamlessly painting can be done year-round. In fact, this winter may be the absolute best time to paint your commercial building’s interior. Here are a few questions to answer if you are thinking of making updates this Winter.

Commercial Interior Painting

1. How Often Should I Paint the Interior?

Generally speaking, interior paint has a lifespan anywhere between 2 – 5 years. There are many factors that go into how long your interior paint will actually last. These paint longevity factors include the quality of your paint, the prep work done before the paint was applied, and the use(s) of the building.

Also, weather and air conditions can affect how long your interior paint lasts. If there is exposure to direct sunlight, extreme fluctuating temperatures, or high humidity inside your building, you will want to keep an eye on your interior surfaces for signs of damage from these elements as well.

For all businesses, it is a good practice to keep your interior well maintained. People see your building as a reflection of the work you do, so upkeep of your interior is essential. The good news is painting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make improvements. On average, interior painting should be done every 2-3 years to ensure interior surfaces are protected and look their best.

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2. Should I Paint Inside During Winter?

The science behind how paint dries is pretty straight forward. In order to create a uniform and protective barrier, paint needs to cure under certain conditions, namely, the right temperature range and humidity level. Extreme temperatures and high humidity can shorten the longevity of your interior paint.

“Curing is a relatively long process that continues well after the surface of the paint dries to the touch. In ideal conditions, latex paint takes about two weeks to cure to the point that you can wash it.” – SF Gate (

This means that finding the best month to control your interior temperature and humidity is important. In Houston, our Winter weather is such that we see less humid months from November to March.

For more details consider the following: uniform drying in paint occurs when humidity is at 40-70% and temperatures are between 50-85°F. Houston’s average humidity year-round is close to 75% with the lowest humidity in December, February and March. With more consistent temperatures in these months as well, it’s no wonder that many choose to have their commercial building’s interior painted in the Winter.

3. Are Painting Contractors Available In Winter Months?

While the best quality work is done by professional painting contractors, most have busy schedules and are booked many months in advance. The best painting professionals have steady business throughout the year, but many have just a few more openings and availability during Winter months.

Open calendars mean you are more likely to be able to schedule an interior paint job that fits your building’s holiday schedule with relative ease. Some contractors even offer discounts on interior projects completed during the Winter months.

Commercial Interior Painting

4. Is There Flexibility in Scheduling an Interior Paint Job?

Compared to exterior maintenance and projects that are reserved for the warmer dry season, interior painting has more flexibility in timing and scheduling. With this flexibility, painting contractors can schedule their work at times that are convenient for you.

If your building stays busy during normal work hours, contractors can work after the business day is over to transform your space. Since they aren’t limited to daylight hours like they are with exterior projects, contractors can essentially work at any time that fits your needs. With their availability, professional painters can take extra time in ensuring that your building’s interior is completed to perfection.

With this break in normal activity due to the coronavirus, you make have an empty or rarely inhabited building. Our team of experienced maintenance and painting professionals can come into your building, clean, disinfect, repair, and paint your building’s interior so your building reflects your professionalism and excellence.

Reach out to Streamline Painting to get a no-contact, no-cost estimate for your Winter painting project.