To everything, there is a season123 and right now, it’s “open season” for window painting — the best time to paint the windows and doors inside your home. Interior Painting is also just as dependent on the weather as exterior painters.  

Whether your windows are double-hung or of the casement variety, it’s impossible to properly paint them without having them open at least part of the time – not something you’d want when the weather is cold. So, seize the moment: Choose a mild day and have at it now!

Not planning to paint your windows? Have you given them a close look? Of all the areas inside the home, windows suffer the most stress. Not only are they more exposed to temperature changes and condensation, but they also suffer wear and tear from frequent opening and closing. And who hasn’t used their windowsills as handy ledges for plants, drinks, and other items that can mar the surface?

Because of all this stress, windows often need to be repainted more frequently than walls and other woodwork. If the time is right to paint your windows, here’s step-by-step advice on how to proceed from some professional painters.

Start by simplifying the project: Before picking up a paintbrush, remove the curtains, curtain hooks, locks, and any other hardware on or around the windows. Then thoroughly clean every part of the window you’ll be painting. It will be easier to tape off and prep if you have a clean workspace.

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