1. What Type of Prep Work Goes into Commercial Interior Painting?

    Commercial property managers know that a clean, well-painted space can have a positive impact on the mood of their tenants and employees. A recently painted space provides a sense of cleanliness, safety, and professionalism to your workplace. Once you’ve made the wise choice to have painting updates done to your building’s interior, you may be wondering what the next steps are in preparing you…Read More

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    5 Tips for Repainting Your Home Exterior in Conroe, TX

    5 Tips for Repainting Your Home Exterior in Conroe, TX Our exterior is the first thing anyone will see when they're coming over to our house - it sets the first impression; whether your home will be something they'll feel right at home in or an uncomfortable visit they'll rather forget as soon it ends. So, it is only vital that we set a good impression right off the bat, to get all that good vibes…Read More

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    5 Dining Room Decorating Ideas To Consider in Conroe, TX

    5 Dining Room Decorating Ideas To Consider in Conroe, TX Our dining room is an integral part of our home - it is where we nourish ourselves with the food with have prepared. Additionally, some of the best family stories and bonds happen in this very room - those walls indeed hold so many memories. So, it is only essential that we make memories in a room that feels comfortable, inviting, and aesthe…Read More

  4. Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter for Your Commercial Interior Paint Project

    When making the decision to hire a professional painter to complete an interior painting project for your commercial building, you have many options. There are plenty of painting contractors in and around Houston, but how do you decide which company to work with to paint the building you own or manage? At Streamline Painting, we understand that finding a contractor to meet your needs is of the hig…Read More

  5. Concrete Floor Finishes – What is Best for Your Commercial Building?

    The right floor finish can be the difference between a great-looking building and one that is outdated. Concrete floors are common in commercial buildings, but there are several different types of finishes to choose from when deciding what type of concrete floor you should have installed.  There are many different types of commercial floor finishes for your business. Each has its own benefits and…Read More

  6. Is Winter a Good Time to Schedule Interior Painting in Houston?

    Commercial business owners in Houston may be thinking about interior painting now that fall is here and winter is right around the corner. The unpredictable weather can make it difficult to plan exterior painting, so commercial business owners have turned their focus to interior painting to protect their investments and keep productivity high with regularly scheduled maintenance. Some building own…Read More

  7. 7 Things To Do To Prepare For Ceiling Painting in The Woodlands, TX

    7 Things To Do To Prepare For Ceiling Painting in The Woodlands, TX When you're wanting to update the aesthetic of your home, you might realize that the ceiling is looking a little worn and that it might use a fresh coat of paint. Though some people aren't aware of it, a ceiling, like any other wall in your home, needs frequent painting to keep its appearance. What is a ceiling if not a wall above…Read More

  8. paint color improve performance

    Can Paint Color Improve Employee Performance?

    Your commercial building or office may have experienced a decline in use over the last couple of years as flexible work schedules and remote work are the new normal, at least for now. Many Houston business and building owners are looking for ways to invite employees back to the office in ways that are both functional and welcoming. The importance of creating an environment that is as safe and comf…Read More

  9. 7 Tips For Choosing Paint For Your Bathroom in The Woodlands, TX

    7 Tips For Choosing Paint For Your Bathroom in The Woodlands, TX When it comes to upgrading or changing the look of your bathroom, painting is one option you may want to consider. Because a bathroom differs from other rooms in your home in a number of ways, selecting paint for your bathroom differs from selecting paint for other rooms in your home. With that in mind, here are 7 Tips For Choosing P…Read More

  10. Maintaining Your Commercial Interior Painting Project

    Commercial interior painting projects are an investment of time and money. A professional, high-quality paint job will help your building maintain its value and can improve the safety of your building's inhabitants. The National Paint Professionals Association says you can look at a building’s paint finish and you’ll know what level of care has been taken. In fact, many of your building’s oc…Read More