1. exterior painting

    Fence Refinishing In The Woodlands: Painting vs. Staining

    Painting or staining your wood fence are both effective methods of protecting it against the exterior conditions and adding a little beauty to it. Either option can increase the lifespan of your fence and slow insect invasion, soft rot and wear and tear. Fence staining is probably the most recommended form of fence refinishing in the Woodlands, but still, we see plenty of painted fences around, an…Read More

  2. 4 Essential Tips for Staining Your Deck Like a Pro In The Woodlands, Texas

    Are you considering staining your wooden deck in the Woodlands, Texas? Good move. Deck staining is the best way to protect it against harsh exterior conditions such as rain, glaring sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and bugs. Additionally, deck staining adds a beautiful touch to your home’s exterior, especially if it’s a front-facing deck. But while it might sound like a simple DIY weekend p…Read More

  3. commercial painting

    How to Prepare Your Business for a Professional Paint Job In The Woodlands, Texas

    Repainting your business in the Woodlands, Texas, can be a tough assignment to even the seasoned Woodlands, TX commercial painters. This is because, unlike residential painting, there is a lot that goes into painting a business premise that is in operation. As a business owner, you have to figure out how the painting crew and their activities will temporarily co-exist with your employees and custo…Read More

  4. Here is Why Quality Paint Is worth the Price

    Are you planning to build or decorate your house and wondering about the type of paint you can purchase? Well, here are some reasons why you should go for high-quality paint instead of buying cheap paint. Quality Paints Cover Better Expensive and quality paints bring out the original color of the building using fewer coats as compared to the cheap paints because of its solid content. High-quality …Read More

  5. Exterior Home Paint Colors to Avoid When Planning to Sell Your Home

    Planning to sell your home in the Woodlands, Texas soon? Well, you’ve probably already been told that making some improvements and repairs on your house will help you sell it faster at a higher price. And also, that exterior repainting should be on the top of your to-do list. Indeed, repainting the exterior of your home is an extremely effective and inexpensive way of adding value to your home w…Read More

  6. exterior painting

    4 Common Exterior Paint Problems and How to Fix them.

    The exterior of your home in the Woodlands, Texas is exposed to a wide range of damaging factors including the blistering sun, radical temperature shifts and rain. While quality paints are designed to withstand these conditions to some extent, each paint film eventually breaks down. However, if this happens too soon, it might mean that the paint used was low quality or the surface preparation proc…Read More

  7. exterior painting, exterior staining

    Should I Paint or Stain My Wood Siding in the Woodlands, Texas?

    Wondering whether to stain or paint your wood siding in the Woodlands, Texas? Wood siding is a great way to provide both protection and beauty to your home. While it’s a durable and attractive siding material, wood requires protection from moisture, sunlight, and bugs. There are two main exterior coatings used for finishing wood siding, i.e. stain and paint. Both stain and paint are great option…Read More

  8. exterior painting

    Should I Pressure Wash My House In the Woodlands, Texas before Painting?

    Should I Pressure Wash My House In the Woodlands, Texas before Painting? Sometimes when homeowners are in a hurry to have their home painted, they’re tempted to skip washing the exterior. Washing your exterior is really critical for an even and durable paint job. Without proper washing, your paint job may only last for a year or two before signs of paint deterioration start setting in. House sid…Read More

  9. exterior painting

    4 Home Improvements That Will Help You Sell Your Home

    4 Home Improvements That Will Help You Sell Your Home Are you planning to sell your house in the Woodlands, Texas any time soon? You probably already know that doing a few home improvements and renovations will increase your home’s value and fetch you more cash when you decide to sell. But what you might not know is that not all improvements will pay for themselves when you sell your house. Some…Read More

  10. exterior painting

    How to evaluate a Painting Proposal

    How to evaluate a Painting Proposal When hiring painting contractors, many homeowners in the Woodlands, Texas, complain about huge discrepancies in the details included in painting estimates. From our experience, getting a comprehensive painting estimate is the first step of getting a satisfactory paint job –it will help you skip the confusion and choose the right contractor. Why do Painting Pro…Read More