1. Deck refinishing

    6 Key Tips for Proper Wood Deck Maintenance in The Woodlands, TX.

    If your home in The Woodlands, TX or Conroe, TX has a beautiful wooden exterior deck, you probably want it to stay that way, forever. Every homeowner has that similar wish, and it remains, well, a wish. Your exterior deck has constant exposure to damaging elements such as rainfall, UV rays, temperature fluctuations, frost, and mildew growth. Daily use can also quickly wear down the deck if it’s …Read More

  2. pressure washing

    4 Things You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

    If you’re reading this, chances are your roof is looking dull and a little dirty, and you need some roof cleaning tips. Many homeowners in The Woodlands, TX, tend to ignore the roof when doing general home exterior cleaning and maintenance. In reality, a poorly maintained and unattractive roof damages your home’s overall curb appeal. But cleaning it is not one of the easiest DIY projects out t…Read More

  3. residential painting

    Should You Ask Painters in The Woodlands to Use Non-VOC Paints?

    At Streamline Painting & More, we often come across homeowners who request us to use specialty paints, including low-VOC paints and green paints. Many of them include families with young children, people with sensitivity to allergies and expecting mothers. We fully understand your concerns about VOCs, which is why we personalize our products and services at all times to make sure our customers…Read More

  4. residential painting, exterior painting, home painting

    4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Next Painting Company In The Woodlands

    Hiring a painting contractor is the most convenient, reliable and stress-free way of having your painting project completed. Most painting contractors have massive experience and skills and carry the right tools and equipment for any type of painting project. So you’re most likely guaranteed to get reliable, high-quality and durable paint result when working with a qualified pro. Having said tha…Read More

  5. exterior painting

    How to Make Exterior Paint Last Longer on Your Home?

    How to Make Exterior Paint Last Longer on Your Home? Are you wondering how long the paint on the exterior of your home will last in the Woodlands, Texas? A perfectly painted home exterior helps improve your curb appeal, prevents moisture damage, wood rot and other wear and tear that arises during seasonal weather changes. How long these benefits can last depends on a number of factors, most of whi…Read More

  6. exterior painting

    Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Stain in The Woodlands, Texas

    Whether you’re staining your fence, deck or the siding, the choice of your stain will significantly impact how the project turns out and how long it lasts. Just like paint, there’re important considerations you need to keep in mind. For instance, a stain that may work perfectly for your siding might end up lasting only a few months when used on an older wooden fence. So if you’re not sure wh…Read More

  7. exterior painting

    Fence Refinishing In The Woodlands: Painting vs. Staining

    Painting or staining your wood fence are both effective methods of protecting it against the exterior conditions and adding a little beauty to it. Either option can increase the lifespan of your fence and slow insect invasion, soft rot and wear and tear. Fence staining is probably the most recommended form of fence refinishing in the Woodlands, but still, we see plenty of painted fences around, an…Read More

  8. 4 Essential Tips for Staining Your Deck Like a Pro In The Woodlands, Texas

    Are you considering staining your wooden deck in the Woodlands, Texas? Good move. Deck staining is the best way to protect it against harsh exterior conditions such as rain, glaring sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and bugs. Additionally, deck staining adds a beautiful touch to your home’s exterior, especially if it’s a front-facing deck. But while it might sound like a simple DIY weekend p…Read More

  9. commercial painting

    How to Prepare Your Business for a Professional Paint Job In The Woodlands, Texas

    Repainting your business in the Woodlands, Texas, can be a tough assignment to even the seasoned Woodlands, TX commercial painters. This is because, unlike residential painting, there is a lot that goes into painting a business premise that is in operation. As a business owner, you have to figure out how the painting crew and their activities will temporarily co-exist with your employees and custo…Read More

  10. Here is Why Quality Paint Is worth the Price

    Are you planning to build or decorate your house and wondering about the type of paint you can purchase? Well, here are some reasons why you should go for high-quality paint instead of buying cheap paint. Quality Paints Cover Better Expensive and quality paints bring out the original color of the building using fewer coats as compared to the cheap paints because of its solid content. High-quality …Read More