1. 4 Benefits of Power Washing Your Commercial Exterior

    Power washing is a crucial maintenance project that is simple and effective, yet easily overlooked. As your commercial building is exposed to weather, muck accumulates on the roof and exterior siding; this accumulation of grime contributes to the deterioration of your exterior surfaces’ appearance. The easy solution to removing unwanted filth from your building’s exterior is commercial power w…Read More

  2. Siding and glass cleaning is an important part of exterior maintenance for any commercial property.

    Why Surface Cleaning and Roof Cleaning are Important for your Commercial Building

    The humid climate here in Houston encourages moss and algae to adhere and grow to many surfaces. That means your roof, siding, driveway, and front walk are all susceptible. Over time, this growth can take hold and damage your building’s exterior making your building age faster than it would otherwise. Cleaning the siding and roof are important preventative steps to ensure longevity for any comme…Read More

  3. What's that stuff growing on my building?

    What’s That Stuff Growing on my Building?

    The rainy season is here again, and while many of us are embracing the warmer weather, we have to be careful of what happens during the rainy, warm time of year. Here in the greater Houston area, we have many different types of buildings that have been made with different types of materials. Despite the many differences from building to building, all building owners have one thing in common … th…Read More

  4. Pressure washing tips for your building's exterior

    Pressure Washing Tips for Your Building’s Exterior

    With summer right around the corner and Houstonians eager to be out and about, some last-minute spring cleaning may be just what your business needs to welcome visitors, employees, and others. Pressure washing is a great way to maintain and clean your building(s) and knowing which surfaces can be pressure washed, along with understanding how the process works can help you decide the best timing fo…Read More

  5. pressure washing

    4 Things You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

    If you’re reading this, chances are your roof is looking dull and a little dirty, and you need some roof cleaning tips. Many homeowners in The Woodlands, TX, tend to ignore the roof when doing general home exterior cleaning and maintenance. In reality, a poorly maintained and unattractive roof damages your home’s overall curb appeal. But cleaning it is not one of the easiest DIY projects out t…Read More